Employment Videos

The Simple Truths of Service (Johnny the Bagger)

Everyone can make a difference!!! (Run time 3:37)

Great Hires!

A video sharing the story of 3 employers who hired people with significant disabilities. (Run time 7:49)

Careers Video

This video shares the stories of 4 young adults with significant disabilities who have gone on to have successful careers including a teacher, lawyer, and probation and parole officer. Learn how they became successful! (Run time 10:24)

Simon Illa’s Story

The story of a young adult with Osteogenesis Imperfecta who risked everything and became one of hip hop’s leading producers. (Run time 6:33)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDArSD4XrBY and www.simonilla.com

Public Service Announcement: Becky

This video is a perfect example of someone with a significant disability reaching her career goals. For more information on Becky’s story, watch the Careers video.

Walk On

The story of DJ Gregory, a man with a physical disability who was told he would never walk, and has gone on to have a successful golfing career and credentials as a member of the media. (Run time 12:22)

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