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YiPPE Role Plays – Getting A Job

Need cash? What’s next for you after high school? You’re probably either going to go right to work, or to college and then work.

This page has tons of information on going to work including your rights and figuring out accommodations on the job. You can also watch cool videos of all different kinds of people who reached their career goals! Information on college includes how to prepare for college now, how college is different from high school and types of accommodations you can get in your classes to help you be more successful.

Some Helpful Downloads

“10 Reasons to Hire Youth with Disabilities”
“10 Things Employers Can Do…”
“411 on Disability Disclosure”
“Essential Skills to Getting a Job”
“Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce”

Employment Resource Websites

Real Stories, Real Jobs

This site highlights the employment successes of people with disabilities who are working in paid jobs in their communities. They are earning money, forming networks, and contributing to their communities.


Provides resources to help you develop your career using a variety of media and formats.

Jung Typology Test

What’s your type? Take the test and find out. After you take the test you will learn more about yourself and you can get a list of career choices that best match your type based on your personality.


Work experiences and career preparation activities increase your chances of getting a job after finishing your academic program. This website provides information and resources with the purpose of helping you increase access to careers you are interested in. www.washington.edu/doit/Careers/

Career Clusters

This site helps you link what you learn in school with the knowledge and skills you need for success in college and work.

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Career One Stop

Career One Stop is your source for employment information and inspiration. Manage your career and your path to career success. Includes tools for students.

Youth Apprenticeship

A program for high school students who want to experience hands on learning at the worksite along with classroom instruction.

Job Shadow

Job Shadow is a year-round effort to introduce young people to the world of work through job shadowing experiences. This site provides useful information and resources that will help you have a successful job shadowing effort!

Project Lead the Way

This program promotes pre-engineering courses for high school students to address a critical shortage of workers in this field.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Transition

DVR works with high school students getting ready to graduate on their college and work goals. DVR is a resource to help you make a smooth transition from school to the world of work.

Getting Hired

A place where people with disabilities gather, network and find success in the workplace with employers. Make connections, build your career and find jobs all in one place!


A site for teens to get quick info on federal and state labor laws like how many hours you can work, jobs you can do and how to prevent workplace injuries.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

Not sure what kind of job accommodations you may need? Not sure what your employment rights are? This is the place for you!

Career Voyages

This web site provides information on high growth, in-demand occupations and tells you the skills you need to get those jobs.


AmeriCorps is an opportunity to make a big difference in your life and in the lives of those around you by applying your skills toward helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.


Learn about careers, internships, mentoring programs, and job training services. Resources are also available for youth with disabilities who receive disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and want to enter the workforce.

National Collaborative on Workforce & Disability – High School/High Tech

High School/High Tech is a program to encourage youth with disabilities to explore high tech careers.

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